People Analyst. Noun.  

1. a person who analyzes people.
2. a designer of People Analytics.

People Analytics. Noun.  

1. systematic application of behavioral science and statistics to Human Resource Management to achieve probability derived business advantages.
2. the completed intersection of Behavioral Science, Mathematics, Technology and Human Resource Management.
3. HR Analytics, Talent Analytics, Workforce Analytics, HR Decision Support, Workforce Intelligence, ...
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People Analytics Community

One People Analytics Community

A global community of People Analytics professionals, helping each other.  One centralized location with information about conferences, meetups, q/a, etc.. (free).
Misc- People Analytics

People Analytics Misc- List

All that you want to know in the evolving field of People Analytics, in bite sized pieces, organized in lists so you can scan to what you need now & get to the rest later. (free)
People Analytics Highlights

People Analytics Highlights

Updates from our People Analytics Misc- Lists packaged up and delivered conveniently to your email inbox on a periodic but non annoying basis. (free)
PeopleAnalyst Virtual Meetup

Monthly Virtual People Analyst Meet-up

Rowdy People Analytics group  - ask about anything under the sun you want. (free)
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Mike West

Meet 1:1

1:1 time together to meet, share backgrounds, talk about what you are trying to accomplish. (free)
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PeopleAnalyst Consuting

PeopleAnalyst Support

Dedicated People Analyst Support ($412-$550 per hour)
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People Analytics Workshops

Build People Analytics capability  ($2000-$3,500 per person with group discounts)

HR Data Cleanup Service

Solve the #1 problem in People Analytics today : messed up HR data. ($50 Per Hour)
People Analytics Partner Program

People Analytics Partner Program

Turnkey People Analytics capability - a support model that includes technology and services with no hourly fees (annual program fee)
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Mike West

Who is Mike West?

Mike has 15 years of experience building People Analytics from the ground up as an employee at the founding of Merck HR Decision Support, PetSmart Talent Analytics, Google People Analytics, Children's Medical (Dallas) HR Analytics, and PeopleAnalyst - the first People Analytics design firm - working with Jawbone, Otsuka and several People Analytics technology start-ups. Mike is currently the VP of Product Strategy for One Model - the first cloud data warehouse platform designed for HR with a comprehensive strategy for People Analytics deployment.

Mike's passion is figuring out how to create an analysis strategy for difficult HR problems. 

Mike West on Linkedin


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