You can't manage what you don't see

Are you perplexed why you can’t seem to have basic information about your workforce at your fingertips?

PeopleAnalyst recognizes the value of the work of real live human beings by creating products and services that empower Analysts, HR Business Partners and Executives to work better together.

Products and Services 

People Analytics Workshops

We build a common understanding of the why, who, what, where, when and how of People Analytics to inspire leaders, HRBPs, and analysts to work together more effectively. (starting at $999)

HR Data Cleanup Service

We clean up the #1 problem in People Analytics today : messed up data to get beyond the time drains and frustration so you can focus on what you do best. (starting at $490) 
People Analytics Partner Program

Public Data Service

We get and prep data from over 60 gov and private sources for: Job & Worker Supply and Demand, Demographics,  Diversity, Commute Time, and other geo/location data to save time and money. (starting at $199)
People Analytics Partner Program

Partner Program and Support

Ramp up People Analytics capability -  tech and service to get your team where you want to be faster - and we train your team and hand it all off when you are ready! (starting at $14,999)
Misc- People Analytics

People Analytics Misc- List

All that you want to know in the evolving field of People Analytics, in bite sized pieces, organized in lists so you can scan to what you need now & get to the rest later. (free)
People Analytics Community

People Analytics Community

A global community of People Analytics professionals, helping each other.  One centralized location with information about conferences, meetups, q/a, etc.. (free).

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